Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Swine Flu Frantic

Up until now I really didn't give in to the H1n1 hysteria. After watching all the news reports and realizing that it was now in our area I have become a handwashing FREAK. I told the kids wash until your skin hurts. Yes I got the eyeroll! Casey is of particular concern due to his respiratory issues, so I am on high alert.

Chaos at the doctor's office. I took my three ring circus to the doctor's office. Casey is sick (bronchitis) I told the other two and reminded them @ a million times don't touch anything. Keep your hands to yourself BLAH BLAH BLAH. I told them" if you aren't sick going in you'll be sick when you leave," ever the optimist. They behaved for the most part while waiting an HOUR to go back, they got a little silly while I was trying to have an adult conversation with the doctor, but it was at Walgreens when I'm sure EVERYONE was thankful when WE LEFT THE BUILDING! I 'm sure everyone had a mental breakdown. The short and sweet version is we we there for 45 minutes, a wild and tempermental 3 year old, a sick 10 year old, and a hungry since 4:00 7 year old,and it's 7:20. Nevermind the highly annoyed 36 year old trying to shop for the sick husband at home, who keeps calling, fill out the proper paperwork for medication, make sure the children don't get kidnapped,staying far away from the people wearing face masks and avoiding the toy aisle at all costs. I'm glad that is over with, at least for today :)