Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Swine Flu Frantic

Up until now I really didn't give in to the H1n1 hysteria. After watching all the news reports and realizing that it was now in our area I have become a handwashing FREAK. I told the kids wash until your skin hurts. Yes I got the eyeroll! Casey is of particular concern due to his respiratory issues, so I am on high alert.

Chaos at the doctor's office. I took my three ring circus to the doctor's office. Casey is sick (bronchitis) I told the other two and reminded them @ a million times don't touch anything. Keep your hands to yourself BLAH BLAH BLAH. I told them" if you aren't sick going in you'll be sick when you leave," ever the optimist. They behaved for the most part while waiting an HOUR to go back, they got a little silly while I was trying to have an adult conversation with the doctor, but it was at Walgreens when I'm sure EVERYONE was thankful when WE LEFT THE BUILDING! I 'm sure everyone had a mental breakdown. The short and sweet version is we we there for 45 minutes, a wild and tempermental 3 year old, a sick 10 year old, and a hungry since 4:00 7 year old,and it's 7:20. Nevermind the highly annoyed 36 year old trying to shop for the sick husband at home, who keeps calling, fill out the proper paperwork for medication, make sure the children don't get kidnapped,staying far away from the people wearing face masks and avoiding the toy aisle at all costs. I'm glad that is over with, at least for today :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Day of Revelation

With summer quickly coming to an end I asked #1 & 2 what they wanted to do before going back to school. #1 wanted to ice skate. I said " sure." I took them a few weeks back and sat on the sidelines. Most of the time I join right in but I thought better of it. I guess I lost my mind somewhere between then and today, because I decided to join right in. After all I was the queen of the roller rink back in the day. I was whistled off the floor more times than I could count for SPEED SKATING, and besides ice skating can't be that much different. ( YEAH, SURE)

So there we are, I have #1 get MY skates, same size he gets, what's wrong with that? Anyhow, I timidly step out onto the ice. Grab the wall like the rest of the losers. HA! I got my legs under me and wow I was doing really good. It was actually easier than rollerblading. After ensuring I was able to stop I turned it on. I was racing across the ice and remembering many a Saturday at 8 wheels. Those were some awesome times. I liked the cool air off the ice because I was starting to work up a sweat, oh yeah I was getting it........

After doing some spins and races with #1 I noticed #2 was looking left out, since she was still clinging to the wall. I skated over and spun around and looked at her. Just as I was about to speak I was looking at the ceiling. What the hell? Did I black out? I was flat on the floor with a louder than should be BOOM! #1 ,(across the rink), yells " I bet that hurt!" I laugh, of course, and get up and shake off the ice. Yeah I'm good. At that point I really couldn't figure out what happened. I fell so quickly I didn't even have a chance to catch myself. Thank God for small miacles.

I did a few show off laps just in case anyone ( as if) was watching me. Just to prove I was fine. It can happen to anyone. I then got off the ice and went and got a drink. Once I sat down I realized I would NOT be skating anymore. My bum was already sore.

I have realized that although I'm not ready for the nursing home, I need to stay off the playground.

" Excuse me ma'am, please remove yourself from the "skate" floor.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why the title?

I feel that " I'll think about it" is pretty much my answer to everything! Mainly I say it every night at bedtime when #1 asks " Will you sleep with me?" I say " I'll think about it." Then # 2 says " Will you think about sleeping with me?" and hopefully you get the point by now......
By the way we refer to the children as #1 #2 and #3.
Back to the bedtime routine. #1 is ten so he has recently discovered that Mom really isn't thinking about it at all ;-( He said the other night " You always say that but you don't ever sleep with me." And let me tell ya he is passed me telling him " I did but you were asleep and don't remember." At least it works on #2 for now. #3 is only three so we still have a long time for this charade.
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that my children want to be with me that much,
but even I need some time to myself, even if it is spent sleeping.